Virtual IT Department

Complete.  Local.  IT Management.

We are a local company based out of Troy, Michigan.

Our team has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry.

We built our system from the ground up to offer flexibility.

We offer the lowest price guaranteed—we'll match any competitor.

We are never unavailable due to vacations or sick days.


We believe in earning your trust by doing good work, rather than binding you to a long-term contract.

Discuss your goals

Conduct an IT assessment survey and gather IT goals.

Review IT assets

Look at all computers, servers, and network equipment.

Develop a plan

Use IT survey, goals, and best practices to craft the perfect plan.

The information belongs to you.

Upon completion of the Field Review, we will present you with a binder containing our evaluation and recommendations.  This is yours to keep no matter how you ultimately proceed.

We've created a custom process from the ground up, that includes three main components necessary for an effective IT department.

Initialize & Protect

Get everything into an optimal state that we can manage going forward.

Maintenance & Support

Provide ongoing support to keep everything in an optimal state and running great.

Planning Ahead

Stay on top of changes and prevent  future issues by meeting every quarter.


Speed Up



On average, 90% of what we do on a day-to-day basis will be general maintenance.

Maintaining the overall state of your IT assets is covered in an unlimited fashion, and can be done remotely and on-site.

Learn more about what's covered.

What happens when hardware fails or when new software needs to be installed?

Periodic hardware failures and new or updated software are common.  Although not considered maintenance, we include handling these situations alongside general maintenance.

When major IT related changes arise, we've got you covered with our standard rates.

We understand changes occur.  Whether they are planned or unplanned, we can manage new hardware and software using our standard rate services.

Learn more about our standard rates.

We take our hand-crafted maintenance & support plan and customize it to fit your business.  We tweak the plan whenever necessary to make sure it works for you.

IT Support

Like you've never experienced before.

We meet with you every quarter

Quarterly review sessions are provided to recap any key IT developments and discuss potential business changes that may affect IT support.  This is also a good opportunity for you to review our performance as your IT department.

Review previous quarter

Look at resolved tickets to recap and get feedback.

Review potential changes

Talk about immediate and future changes that may affect IT support.

Develop a plan

Outline what changes need to be made and when.





We get things into a perfect state.

We first complete a full in-depth optimization of all assets.  Then, we fine-tune everything with the goal of removing IT bottlenecks and preventing future disasters.  This leaves everything in an optimal state which we can fully maintain.

Maintenance & Support

Initialize & Protect

How can we help your business?

We provide a complete IT department for your business

at less than half the cost of a single employee.

Unlimited remote & on-site support at a flat monthly rate.

Fast response through a help desk portal, email, & phone extension.

Full documentation of all company assets & important attributes.

Project management for major IT changes.

Planning Ahead

We work hard to keep things running great.

When things stray from an optimal state, we are on top of it fast.  We receive help requests from users, automated alerts from software, and reports regarding overall security and hardware status.

We prevent future issues by planning.

Business changes can be disruptive to IT support if not managed properly.  Our goal is to stay on top of potential changes and ensure high quality on-going support for your business.

Are you ready for a great IT support experience?

We start with a free Field Review

We want to know how your business works so we can custom tailor a plan for you.  Without interfering with your day-to-day operations, we will gather some general goals you may have for IT, review all of your IT related assets, and then put together a plan specifically for your business.

Here's what we know...

The most efficient and cost effective way to run an IT department is to optimize all assets, maintain and support that state at all times, and keep it in sync with the rest of the business.

Getting started is easy.

Allow us to perform a free evaluation of your IT assets and present a custom tailored plan.

We designed our IT support pricing to specifically meet the needs of your business.  This type of flexible pricing allows us to offer an extremely competitive product that our clients really appreciate.

Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you to set up a free business evaluation.

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