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Your ultimate guide on Outsourced IT Services in Troy, Michigan

Troy Outsourced IT Services – Your Ultimate Guide

Businesses of all sizes rely on information technology (IT) as a necessary part of their operations. Technology is used to process sales, communicate, and market to a wide audience.

Unfortunately, many small to medium-sized businesses aren’t equipped to prevent today’s cyber threats or manage an IT infrastructure to the fullest extent. These smaller companies don’t have the proper defenses, and they lack strategies for protecting and streamlining their current work setups.

That’s where an outsourced IT services provider’s help comes into play.

Small businesses can keep their technology safe with the help of outsourced IT services. When you work with a managed services provider, you’ll receive access to expert IT technicians that handle IT infrastructure, maintenance, cybersecurity, and other elements for your business.

The city of Troy, Michigan is one of the top five small cities to start a business in, according to NerdWallet. Many startups and small companies are thriving here, but they need outsourced IT services to truly protect themselves and streamline their workflows.

You might know you need some extra IT support, but how do you pick a third-party provider? Choosing the right outsourced IT services company in Troy can be challenging.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the most important qualities in outsourced IT services providers. Take a look at the list below and apply the knowledge to your hunt for an outsourced IT services company.

All IT managed services providers (MSPs) you consider should have:

1. Knowledge in Your Industry

When looking for a managed services provider in Detroit, businesses should try to find one that has experience with other clients in the same industry. While it is possible for an IT services company to learn your industry – you will likely receive more advanced knowledge right off the bat from an IT services company with experience in your industry.

For instance, a local outsourced IT services company in Troy might have experience in some of the popular industries in the area – like tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture. Businesses in these industries would benefit from outsourced IT services that have actual experience working with similar businesses in and around Troy – not just some big wig from out of state that doesn’t know the local customs or needs.

An IT company that’s familiar with a business’s industry will offer appropriate tools and technology to support the business. This makes your life easier from the get-go.

2. A Proven Track Record and Credentials

The increased demand for IT support has contributed to a low barrier to entry for outsourced IT services companies. In other words, it’s not hard to become an MSP that offers IT support services. However, it is difficult to become a high-quality, trustworthy IT MSP.

You don’t want to pick an IT services company that has inexperienced technicians and offers poor service. You need to carefully research any outsourced IT services company before hiring.

Trust us when we say they aren’t all created equally.

A quality IT services company will have reviews and testimonials from past clients available on their website or by request. These will give you a better understanding of how the company’s IT support has benefited other businesses in the Troy area – and how it will benefit yours.

If reviews and testimonials are difficult to access, it’s a red flag. There should be nothing to hide.

A reputable outsourced IT services company will also have its credentials listed on its website. Credentials will give you an idea of the IT services provider’s overall values, privacy, and security qualifications. There should be no reason to hide credentials, and if they are, they likely don’t have the ones they should.

Positive reviews, testimonials, and credentials are vital. The IT services company you choose to do business with will oversee your technology and help your business meet its vital goals. You want a distinguished one that you can really trust. 

When interviewing an IT services company, you may want to ask them questions related to your business. For example, here are a few questions we recommend asking upfront:

  • Have you ever worked with a company in our industry before?
  • What is your IT security policy?
  • What sets you apart from other IT services in Troy?
  • Why should I choose you to manage my most important technology?

3. The Ability to Prioritize Your Success and Grow Your Business

An outsourced IT services company ensures infrastructures run smoothly and that your technology is always up-to-date. Their goal isn’t just to maintain your devices and defend your systems – it’s to maximize productivity within your business.

A business is less likely to succeed if it’s using outdated tools and technology. If you’re working with a limited budget, an IT services company may be able to grant you affordable access to tools that you would otherwise not be able to afford. They might even connect you with software and platforms you didn’t know existed to improve communication, workflows, and internal processes.

In addition to providing new technology, IT companies also make it easier for small businesses to focus on long-term growth. When companies aren’t shelling out tons of money for expensive IT disasters and in-house help desk support, they have more funds to funnel into expansion and customer service.

A truly great outsourced IT services company will do just that – support you. They’ll help you build flexible plans, find the tools that set you up for growth and equip you with scalable services that fit your location, goals, and industry.

Qualities to Look for with Outsourced IT Services in Troy: 

If you decide to hire an outsourced IT services company for your Troy business, you should consider one that provides the following:

1. Quality Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks and data breaches are becoming more common and can happen to any business, no matter their size or industry. In the last year, there were reportedly 26,000 cyberattacks a day, which equates to about 18 attacks per minute.

Small businesses in Troy might find it difficult to recover from an online attack considering that they are often very expensive. An estimated 60% of small businesses in the United States end up closing their doors permanently shortly after a cyberattack due to the cost.

Additionally, if a company is hit by a data breach, it can damage its reputation in the community – especially if private consumer information is exposed. This makes it difficult for the company to make progress on goals as it focuses on regaining the trust it once had.

Outsourced IT services will help protect your small business from cyber threats, breaches, and viruses. A structured IT services will take a multi-leveled approach to keep infrastructure safe.

Look at the company’s credentials and security services to be sure they have the services your company needs. Once an IT services company has set up the necessary IT security, it should continue to run checkups and updates to keep up with ever-evolving viruses and threats.

2. 24/7 IT Support

When a business falls victim to a cyberattack or IT disruption, it’s important to quickly eliminate the threat and resolve the situation. Find an IT company that offers 24/7 support from experienced experts that are readily available to assist with technological issues, answer questions, and troubleshoot issues.

Some IT problems are easier and quicker to fix in person than online or over the phone. That’s why Troy businesses should also search for a local IT services company that can actually respond to on-location. Furthermore, a local IT services company is in the same time zone, which leads to faster responses when you need them.

3. Fast Response Times

You never know when you’ll suddenly become a victim – and you need an MSP that is ready to jump in at a moment’s notice.

When a cyberattack or IT problem goes unaddressed for long periods of time, it becomes more damaging to the operations and reputation of a business. It’s vital for businesses to reach IT experts quickly, so they can resume operations and minimize downtime.

4. Proven Disaster Recovery Plans

In addition to online attacks, your business IT is also vulnerable to natural disasters. This is why businesses should look for IT services that offer disaster recovery services. These plans are meant to protect your data in the event of a disaster like a fire or a flood.

Typically, an outsourced IT services team will create Cloud-based backup storage to protect your data. This allows your business to recover your data even if your servers and technology are damaged beyond repair.

Additional Services to look for in a Troy-Based IT Services Company

  • Cloud infrastructure management
  • Hardware Repair
  • Network Configuration
  • Spam Protection
  • Storage Management
  • Virtual Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Services

In Conclusion

There are many ways in which a high-quality local IT services provider can benefit a small business.

Look for an IT services company that is equipped to serve your industry. Local providers are often the most cost-effective, as well as the most experienced with your specific requests and goals.

All in all, IT support companies ease the stress of keeping up with business technology and online attacks. You focus on your big goals, and your IT services provider will handle the stuff in the background.

Our outsourced IT services in Troy help save local businesses money and improve operations, as well as internal productivity.

Want to know more about why outsourced IT services are important to small businesses in Troy? Let’s find out together.

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