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We Can’t Let Our Bottom Line Drive Our Decisions. That’s What Our Core Values Are For

Recently, I wrote about all of the things you need to consider when removing an employee’s access during a termination from your company. It’s already garnered a significant response, and is clearly an unfortunate position that a lot of business professionals find themselves in on a regular basis. As fate would have it, right after…
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Firing an Employee? Don’t Forget About Removing Their Access

As someone who has owned his own IT support and technology services company for a long time, I’ve unfortunately had to let go my fair share of employees over the years. Even if the employee in question is a legitimately poor fit for a company, it’s something that no business professional actually looks forward to.…
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Backup Solutions: What Are the Options, and Why Do They Matter?

As someone who has spent nearly every day of my professional career helping business owners optimize their computer systems, I can safely say that there’s one topic that is always at the forefront of their minds: backups. As organizations in nearly every industry now use computers to store their client files, host their business applications,…
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What Does an Outsourced IT Company Actually Do, Specifically?

As someone who has been running an outsourced IT company since 2004, I’ve had my fair share of conversations with business owners about the best ways to handle the IT function of their businesses. After all of these conversations, one thing I can safely say is that a lot of the people I talk with…
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