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IT Services for Small Businesses in Troy Metro Detroit

The Importance of IT Services for Small Businesses in Troy Metro Detroit

Efficient IT services and strategies contribute to improved productivity among small businesses. Strong and reliable IT support for small businesses can help them stay updated and focused on emerging technology trends. Furthermore, it helps businesses stay ahead of their competitors.

Why Do Small Businesses Need IT Services?

Small businesses need the support of a reputable IT services firm for the following reasons:

  • It helps strike a productive balance between organizational needs and budget.
  • It provides valuable insights into the different options available in the market and those best suited for the organization.
  • It adds technological capabilities to the existing infrastructure, which helps in improving organizational growth and stability.

With this understanding, let us find out how skilled IT support providers are crucial to small businesses.

1. Dependence of Small Businesses on Technology

  • What Are the Major IT Challenges Small Businesses Face?

Small business owners have to overcome several challenges to maintain optimal levels of productivity and efficiency. Here are a few common ones.

  • Managing Security Risks: According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, nearly 60% of small businesses that suffer from a cyber-attack go out of business within the next six months. Small businesses are attacked in different ways like:
    • Phishing
    • Ransomware
    • E-commerce Hacking

The lack of dedicated resources is a common reason for cyber-attacks in small businesses. Investing in network monitoring is critical for them. Continuous monitoring can help identify and minimize the damage caused by cyber-attacks.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Establishing a reliable backup and disaster recovery system is another challenge small businesses face. It has become important to integrate data with technology in every facet of the business. This enables the instantaneous retrieval of lost information.

Furthermore, the retrieval of data from different sources like servers, workstations, laptops, and tablets is important. Organizations allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, making it difficult to obtain data from an array of operating systems, apps, and input devices.

It is, therefore, necessary to balance every aspect of the disaster recovery process with the help of an expert.

  • Lack of Strategic Planning: Small businesses get caught up in their day-to-day responsibilities and often forget to plan for their future needs. They lack the time to evaluate technological objectives. This results in unplanned downtime reduced productivity and disappointed customers.

Strategic planning helps businesses streamline business functions while enabling better use of available data. This, in turn, allows them to make optimal use of emerging technologies.

Many small businesses are shifting their focus from service objectives to strategic frameworks. This change will help businesses create a detailed timeline for upgrades and expansions.

2. Which Services Do Small Businesses Need Most?

  • Managed IT Services Providers: A skilled managed IT services provider should be able to manage end-to-end IT infrastructure needs, i.e. from network monitoring to storage and backup. So, hiring a competent managed IT services provider plays a pivotal role in making small businesses secure.

This will benefit small businesses in the following ways:

  1. Better focus on core competencies.
  2. Reduced downtime and concerns related to technical troubleshooting.
  3. Eliminate unplanned spending on IT equipment, infrastructure, and workforce.
  4. Improved network security.
  5. Provide customized solutions based on the current needs of the organization.
  6. Offer high-end backup and recovery options.
  • Computer Maintenance and Updates: Regular system maintenance and upgrade are also mandatory for software businesses.

A systematic approach will help them to:

  1. Reduce costs due to unexpected downtime.
  2. Improve performance and data security.
  3. Boost system efficiency.
  4. Enhance reliability.
  • Office Productivity Software: An office productivity software will enable you to perform tasks like project management and instant collaboration. These tools help monitor the status of projects, review schedules, share critical information, and communicate in real-time. Office productivity tools also provide access to analytics, helping you identify bottlenecks and boost productivity by taking appropriate action.

3. How Do Small Businesses Find IT Support Companies?

  • Is Outsourcing IT Support the Best Option for Small Businesses?

The decision to outsource IT services depend on several factors like your budget, business model, and your industry.

Small businesses typically outsource one or more of their services due to the following reasons.

  • Better Availability: Competitive IT firms provide a dedicated team of IT experts to help in cases of technical crises. In-house teams may be competitive but they do not offer guaranteed availability. IT consulting firms ensure smooth operations even at the time of crisis as their professional reputation depends on it.
  • Focused Expertise: Though in-house teams understand organizational norms and workflows better, having a dedicated IT firm in your corner helps you best leverage its technological expertise. These firms are well-versed in handling emerging technology and know-how to best handle technical problems. By seeking the help of a reliable IT consulting firm, you can harness the collaborative experience of several top-tier technology specialists.
  • Cost-Effectiveness:
    • In-house IT expenses include costs related to hardware, software licenses, cloud service subscriptions, and maintenance. Outsourcing cuts down this expenditure. Furthermore, IT consulting firms facilitate the pay-as-you-use subscription model. This allows small businesses to hire and pay for services only when required.
    • Hiring a team of several IT experts can be expensive. Outsourcing helps cut costs on salaries for IT specialists and lets businesses focus on the core aspects.

4. How to Support a Small Business without Buying Their Products?

Here are a few ways to help small businesses without buying their products.

  • Review the Company: Write a review of your positive experience with the company. Going through reviews before finalizing a service or product has become the norm. Your review may help another person decide to use the services of or buy the product from a small-scale organization.
  • Contribute to Social Media: Following small businesses on social media will help them build their audience. Contribute by sharing informative posts and tagging their page. This will help spread the word and increase engagement.
  • Refer to Someone: Use opportunities to refer small businesses to someone who needs them. Share their contact information and spread a positive word to help them earn prospects.

5. What Are Our Unique IT Services for Small Businesses?

We are one of the best IT services companies based out of Troy, Michigan.

We offer a unique blend of expertise and forward-thinking services across Troy, Michigan, and the Metro Detroit area. Our services include managed IT services, system optimization, and managing data security for a home-based concern.


As you can see, hiring IT services for small businesses comes with a lot of benefits. The services help enhance efficiency and reduce damage caused during a technical crisis. How do you plan to outsource your IT needs? Do let us know in the comments section if we can help you.

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